SupplierXchange Modules

We provide a variety of modular products that you can pick and choose from to customise your SupplierXchange experience

SupplierXchange Modules

Administration Portals

The Administration Portals module provides self serve consoles for the users.

Your Company use their console to select and engage with suppliers for the succcessful Business-to-Business management of a supply. More specifically, the console is used for tasks such as entering supply opportunities, receiving and authorising quotes, monitoring the status of supply, handling variations and receiving invoices.

Suppliers use their console to set up and maintain their contact details and their supply profiles. This information is used to match them with opportunities for orders or quotes. The portal is also the tool for two way communication with the supplier, which includes engagement, delivery status updates and invoicing.

Customers can have a console to enter data about their claim, enter feedback about the supplier, monitor progress of the delivery and indicate their satisfaction with the completed job. This module is optional, but represents a significant customer service opportunity for your Company.

Compliance and Risk Management

The Compliance and Risk Management module ensures that engagement access is limited to suppliers who meet the compliance requirements at any point in time. This module records and actively maintains details about supplier Agreements; insurance covers; licenses; qualifications; and capacity.

Supplier Matching

The Supplier Matching module contains the algorithms that group like suppliers and match them with the particular supply needs. This module currently contains algorithms with rules geared for fair utilisation and workload balancing, but it has the flexibility to cater for specific business rules in relation to preferred suppliers, last choice suppliers and pre-determined order versus quote ratios. These business rules can be maintained by your Company using the console.

Competitive Quoting

The Competitive Quoting module electronically communicates the supply request / opportunity to the matched suppliers and provides the interaction platform for receiving quotes, negotiating prices and issuing authorities.

Each quote can be opened up for details such as cost breakdowns and timeframes.

Delivery Management

The Delivery Management module provides the ability for your Company to monitor the status of supply, action variations during the supply and capture customer feedback after the supply is complete, all using the console.


The Invoicing module enables an invoice to be received and electronically authorised against the authority that was provided to the supplier.

Performance Reporting

The Performance Reporting module contains static reports pertaining to the supplier’s performance in regard to their cost, quality and timeliness. The module also enables user access to a database for the generation of unique reports.

The following information can all be reported against a supplier: