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An immediate solution to the Business to Business, Supplier Selection and Supplier Management activities for Motor and Home claims

Insurance Claims Management

SupplierXchange offers an activity system, which has been specifically developed as a tool to assist Insurance Companies in the exchange of information with their suppliers during the management of home and motor claims. The system’s capability has evolved over 8 years as it forms the basis of Service Central’s success in the on-line retail services market.

Following extensive consultation with a major Insurance Company, the SupplierXchange system has been designed to easily integrate with Insurance Company claims management systems, such as Guidewire ClaimCenter and also with Suppliers systems. It is a business to business solution for all supplier interactions. SupplierXchange has solved complex communication problems by providing each party a platform to communicate the necessary information to one another. Relevant information can be shared one to one, one to many, or many to many according to the need and the business rules.

The objective is to capture all of the transactions that occur as part of the insurance claim supplier process and manage them within a single communications environment. On completion of the supply, a full picture of the transaction’s cost, quality and timeliness can be viewed and reported by the Insurer. In addition, the customer and the supplier have had an experience that is enhanced by today’s modern communication systems.

The SupplierXchange activity system comprises the following modules:

  1. Administration Portal
  2. Compliance and Risk Management
  3. Supplier Matching
  4. Competitive Quoting
  5. Delivery Management
  6. Invoicing
  7. Performance Reporting

These modules are available as products. View the Products page to learn more.

Benefits & Features

SupplierXchange can benefit your insurance company and has insurance industry-specific features. Learn more about the benefits & features.