Compliance Management

Compliance Management

Compliance Management

Successfully managing compliance is growing in importance for Australian businesses. Increasingly State and Federal law as well as government authorities are requiring you to demonstrate that all of the contractors that you use are:

Failure to properly show that the contractors engaged by your organisation meet these requirements can lead to fines, civil lawsuits and criminal charges against your organisation as well as potentially the Directors and Managers.  In particular industries, such as transport, specific legislation known as “Chain of Responsibility” has been enacted to ensure compliance is maintained at the appropriate responsibility levels.

SupplierXchange offers a comprehensive and fully customisable compliance management software system that enables Australian businesses to meet Australia’s strict compliance requirements. In fact, not only does SupplierXchange enable you to track and enforce the compliance requirements of your contractors, SupplierXchanges does this with unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness.

SuplierXchange provides real-time access to employee, contractor or sub-contractor compliance records.  Access via the Internet can provide push or pull compliance data instantaneously.

Core Compliance Tracking

SupplierXchange’s Compliance Management System is specifically designed to track the status of each individuals compliance data.  For example, a person’s engagement (employee, contractor or sub-contractor) can be identified and the appropriate level of compliance attached to each individual.  Contractors for example may need to prove currency of ABN, Insurances, and relevant Licenses & Qualifications or inductions. Employees may also need to be qualified and inducted. These elements are key to demonstrating that the person is indeed properly engaged and properly qualified for the work that they undertake.

We provide you and your workforce community with a centralised online system to upload, track and update this information. This centralised approach to compliance management provides significant time savings and benefits including:

SupplierXchange’s web-based system enables data entry and verification to be done by yourself, your contractors or even SupplierXchange if you choose. Similarly, the system tracks the status of each compliance element (ABN, Insurance, Licenses, etc) and alerts both you and your contractors of elements that are nearing expiry, as well as those that have indeed expired.

The system enables you to set Business Rules around the expiry of a compliance element. You may choose to not send that person any work, remove their access to the system, etc.

Customised Compliance Tracking

The SupplierXchange Compliance Management System also enables you to fully customise your own compliance types and set the rules around how and when they apply to your contractors.

Examples of Compliance Tracking Customisations include tracking: